bright. colorful. joy-filled.

Capture that giddy joy you're feeling over your love in places that mean the most to you & your fiance. Let's go back to where you got engaged! Let's walk the trails at your favorite Saturday morning park! Let's eat ice cream and giggle over how fun it feels to be followed by a "paparazzi"
 Let's get those family heirlooms that you & your partner will look back at in 25 years & feel the joy you felt that day. 

Beyond all the mushy-gushy happy reasons to get an engagement session, these sessions are FANTASTIC for the camera-shy & always awkward. They are helpful in gaining confidence in front of the camera & learning which poses work best for you. 

Engagement sessions are
 so. much. fun.


After the ceremony & formal portraits are done the most exciting part of the night is finally here! The candles are a-glow & a you're holding your favorite glass of wine, gearing up for your first dance as a married couple.. what could be better??  Receptions are just as important as your ceremony and the moments before. 

 My goal as your photographer at this point is to become a fly on the wall, to capture the excitement, your uncles funny dance moves, your moms tears as she watches you dance with your grandma, and those gorgeous table details you worked so hard on! I keep the lighting flattering and clear with flashes, but never direct and in your face or constant lighting, ruining the ambiance you worked so hard to achieve with the up-lighting and candles. 

Weddings are capturing love, emotion, excitement, and joy. They are a feeling, not just a photo. 


Photographing your wedding is so much more to me than the click of a button. The full day is captured lovingly and carefully, documenting your love story the way it deserves to be told. 

03. Classic photographs with a dash of sass.

02. Laughing at yourself & being a little silly.

01. Exploration + adventure.. or just a late night Netflix binge.

we love couples who enjoy..

Caitiln + morgan

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these stories have only begun

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