Mr. and Mrs. Shanku


SURPRISE! Sam + Chris are married!

This incredible couple surprised all of their friends and family by getting married at their engagement party. They fooled everyone into thinking their real vows would be exchanged in Hawaii and their engagement party was the only time to celebrate. Shortly into the party, Chris stood up to make a little speech, “Everyone’s been saying we should just get married now… but who would officiate?” Sam’s twin brother, Zach, stood up and hilariously said “Well.. I’m licensed to marry in the state of Georgia, and I’m wearing a lapel mic”  … this went on and on until they had flowers, rings, a marriage license, and a full wedding party and thrilled parents standing by their side. Their vows were beautiful and truly hilarious, a testament to S+C. Following their vows, a 90’s music dance party & a TON of Tinder swag (Yup, she swiped right!)

Congratulations, you two! xo

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