Amie + Kevin | Boone Hall + The Battery Engagement Session – Charleston, SC


Amie + Kevin are engaged!! Their engagement session in Charleston, SC was an absolute blast. I have had the pleasure of knowing Amie for years, but not in the way you might think.. we met online. Yup, like a dating site for moms with kids who strapped them to their bodies and took selfies. (Babywearing shoutout!) I have watched her raise her babies via Facebook and Instagram, we were once bridesmaids together in a wedding of another internet friend (we met her IRL like.. two days before her wedding.. hey Emily!!), we became connected and intertwined in a way that I could never have imagined. Watching her go from heartbreak & a divorce, to finding Kevin has been a journey of journeys and to say that I am so happy for her that I’m literally bursting at the seams.. is an understatement. Amie  is one of the strongest women I know & seeing her melt in the presence of Kevin would warm even the coldest of hearts. Kevin loves this woman in a way that every one deserves and I truly cannot imagine these two living without each other. I cannot be happier for these two, and waiting for their wedding next October will make this the longest year in the history of years.

Congratulations, A + K. Thank you for letting me be a part of telling your love story. xx


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