Natalie + Matt | Brooklyn Engagement Session


When your clients say “Hey, want to meet us in New York for our engagement session?” The ONLY correct response is YES. After moving out of the city to Charlotte, NC they knew that no matter how much they loved their new home, nothing was like the city they fell in love in. We met up in Saturday for the best walk through Williamsburg in the most beautiful of weather, stopped at all of their favorite spots they used to frequent, including parks, coffee shops, hotel rooftops and more. Although the evening ended in rain, we met up at the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning to catch the sunrise and WOW was it worth it!! The photos we got coated in golden light are some of my all time favorites and these two were such troopers, braving the cold, to get such gorgeous shots (though I don’t think they minded all the cuddlin). I cannot wait for their wedding day next summer in Charlotte, I just know it’ll be incredible.

Congratulations, Natalie + Matt!! & thank you for introducing me to your city. xoRebekah

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